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Gussin Calls On Garret to Repudiate the Republican Platform On Abortion and Withdraw Support for H.R. 3
(August 21, 2012 - Paramus) Adam Gussin, candidate for congress (NJ-5), today called on Congressman Scott Garret to repudiate the Republican party platform that calls for a constitutional amendment which would outlaw all abortions - even those that were the result of rape or incest. He also called on Garret to remove himself as sponsor of HR 3 which originally limited access to federally funded abortions to women who had been "forcibly raped."
"There has been justifiable outrage over Congressman Aitkin's use of the term "legitimate rape," said Gussin. "But this is not the first time Republicans, including Scott Garret have tried to define rape in a way that implies fault on the part of victims. His efforts to redefine rape as 'forcible rape' makes me wonder as to just how violent an attack must be before Garrett will consider the victim to have been raped at all," added Gussen. "This reflects a general pattern of disrespect for woman's health issues and a fundamental misunderstanding of Scott Garret of the nature of rape. The war on women being waged by the radical right does not match the views of most Americans - nor of most people in the 5th congressional district."
In H.R. 3 Washington Republicans, including Co-Sponsor Scott Garrett, tried to deny women who didn't meet their definition of "forcible rape" federally funded care. Rape is estimated to results in more than 30,000 pregnancies a year in this country.
After redistricting, the new 5th district has gained important democratic towns such as Hackensack, Fairlawn and Teaneck and Lodi making this a competitive district.
About Adam Gussen: Adam will be a Congressman that brings sound and prudent judgment back to the 5th district. He has a common sense approach on issues from jobs and the economy to education. He has twice been elected to Teaneck Council (2006 and 2010) and currently is the Deputy Mayor. Gussen is a successful business development executive of Global Political Risk and Trade Credit Insurance for a worldwide firm with its North American headquarters here in New Jersey. Adam currently lives in Teaneck with his wife Shari-a public school teacher in Bergen County-along with his 5-year-old daughter, Molly, and 3-year-old son, Sidney.
Congressional Candidate chooses campaign coordinator from Andover Borough
Michael Figueiredo of Andover Borough has accepted the position of Sussex County Campaign Coordinator for Adam Gussen's congressional campaign. Michael has prior campaign experience when he served as the volunteer coordinator in 2011 for the Democrat 24th state campaign which fielded the candidates Leslie Huhn, Jim Nye and Edwin Selby. In addition, Michael serves on the executive board for the Sussex County Democratic Committee and is the Democrat Municipal Chair for Andover Borough.
Due to the size of the 5th congressional district, the Gussen campaign will be promoting Democrats from each representative county to help oversee the campaign. In particular, the campaign coordinators will be working directly with Daniel Ortega (the campaign manager) and candidate Adam Gussen. They will notify the campaign headquarters of political developments while coordinating volunteer efforts, voter registration drives and fundraisers.
Adam Gussen and Daniel Ortega both spoke to Michael after several meetings with the Sussex County Democratic Committee and its executive board. In particular, Michae's passion and enthusiasm were cited as key reasons why he was approached. Mike was gracious for the opportunity and said, "I would like to thank Adam and Dan for having the confidence in my abilities to help the campaign move forward. I am looking forward to the spirited campaign we have ahead of us and to work with Democrats throughout northern NJ to help win this election. "
If anyone would like further information about the campaign or how to get involved, please call Daniel Ortega at 201-739-6162 or email the campaign at